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Data Backup FYI

Very basic bits and bytes

8 bits = 1 byte

1,000 bytes = 1 K (1 kilobyte)

10,000 bytes = 10K (10 kilobytes)

100,000 bytes = 100K (100 kilobytes)

1,000,000 bytes - 1,000K = 1MB (1 megabyte)

10,000,000 bytes = 10,000K = 10MB (10 megabytes)

100,000,000 bytes = 100,000K = 100MB (100 megabytes)

1,000,000,000 bytes = 1,000,000K = 1,000MB = 1GB (1 gigabyte or 1GIG)

1,000,000,000,000 bytes = 1,000,000K = 1,000,000MB = 1000GB = 1 Terabyte

Tips for backing up your data

Typically, backing up your entire system is not necessary. All software installation CD's and Windows and Mac installation disks stored somewhere safe.

It should be noted that most software CD's and DVD's are allowed to be duplicated for emergency purposes, which we strongly recommend.

The best option for most users is to back up the data that is irreplaceable, such as bookkeeping and invoicing files, contact lists, government remittance documents and the like. To make it simple, back up all the documents that did not come with your computer at the point of purchase.

It is important to understand that while it is possible to back up your entire system, the more data you back up the longer the process takes. Consider backing up during non-business hours. Once the initial backup is completed, incremental backup can be done anytime. Note: BackupURData will upload your data from your CD or hard drive for $75.00.

The backup of a large volume of data can be completed in a very short period of time. A large volume of data can be backed up to a local hard drive and the original file is required to be backed up once only. After that, only the changes within the file made since the previous backup are necessary to be backed up.




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