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Data Loss is a Nightmare

How much is your company's data worth?

You have invested a lot of time, money and effort in developing your business data. Loss of contracts, sales records, proposals, accounting records, marketing material, business contacts, emails, digital photos, charts and graphs can be devastating. Studies have shown that:

  • 1MB of data is worth approximately $10,000.*
  • Re-building just 20MB of lost data could cost more than $17,000 and take nearly three weeks to complete.**
  • The average amount of IT revenue lost for all companies in one hour of an IT infrastructure outage is $46,600 CDN.
  • Data loss from a crashed hard drive is often extremely costly, and there is NO GUARANTEE of successful retrieval.*
  • 93% of companies that have trouble restoring their data after a data disaster are out of business within a year and a half.
  • 60% of companies that lose their data shut down within six months of the disaster.

No data, no business!

Companies without proactive backup and recovery policies are likely to be OUT OF BUSINESS within 2 years of a major disaster.**** Loss of business data may ruin your company's reputation, and can lead to expensive litigation. Worst of all, it interrupts your business continuity.

data loss

Pre-Online Data Backup Choices

Tapes, CD Roms, and external hard drives, etc. are not good enough because of:

  • High failure rates during restoration
  • Slow read/write speed
  • Difficulty in detecting problems of backup before performing restoration
  • High maintenance
  • Expensive tape library systems
  • Reduced flexibility caused by fixed media capacity
  • Likelihood of human fault(e.g. lost or misplaced data)
  • Time consuming procedures
  • Inability to access backup when needed
  • Extended recovery times


* David M. Smith, PhD. "The importance of investing in that ounce of prevention" The Cost of Lost Data 2003

** Recent study from Ontrack Data

*** Breach Study, Oct. 2005 Ponemon Institute

**** Study by the National Archives and Records Administration



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