Service Level Agreement for, for the process of online backup and restores.

Service Level agrees to provide the Customer ("You") the Online Backup Service ("the service") for your Windows, Apple or Linux computer and any subsequent computers that you may opt for backup as described in this Service Level Agreement (the "SLA" or "Service Level Agreement"). For purposes of this Agreement "Your Data" shall be deemed to include any information transmitted from our computer using the service.

Current Data Protection

Backup configurations can be set to run periodically, typically on a daily scheduled basis. When a backup configuration is running, only changes to files and databases you have selected for backup on the computer are captured by the agent and immediately queued for transmission to the servers. It is critical that the computer from which you choose to opt for a backup job have a stable Internet connection to facilitate the necessary data transfer for successful backups. You are expected to review the log content of every backup execution to make sure that the backups have taken place successfully. The agent provides email notification.

Historical Data Protection

By default, when a file is deleted from your computer(s) or moved to a different location, the next backup job will reflect that new state and show the file as being deleted or at the new location as well.

If you need to restore the files to how they were at a particular point in the past, you have the option of overriding this default behavior. This is important if you are concerned about accidental or deliberate deletion or misplacement of critical files. In order to configure this functionality, configure a retention policy in your agent software. With a correctly configured retention policy, you will be able to see your historical data anywhere from a day ago up to over a decade ago. It is important to note that enabling the deleted file retention option will fill up your storage quota at a much faster rate.

Internet-Based Backup and Restore

Backup and restore time over the network is dictated and limited by your connection bandwidth speed and quality. Additionally, other factors may limit network backup and restore times. Network performance, data compressibility and end user systems may affect restore times.

The Service

When used in accordance with the usage requirements and guidelines specified in the product documentation of the agent, the service provides online backup protection for the operating systems listed. The service is able to protect your computer data information subject to limitations outlined for the agent.

To deploy the service, "You" should download a software module (the " Agent") from the web site on to your computer and install the agent. Once configured and deployed, the Agent replicates and synchronizes the selected data in its entirety (the "Initial Backup") to our offsite data storage backup servers (the " Server"). After the initial backup, only changes to files and databases selected for backup on the computer (the "Changes") are sent to the server.

This is the only interface provided with the service and you are asked to provide a unique encryption passphrase during your first install of the Agent that you would be expected to archive at a safe place. You will not be able to access or retrieve your computer data at all without keying in this encryption passphrase on a new computer when you run a retrieval operation. You are advised to store and make copies of this encryption "passphrase" as service assumes no liability for the loss or damage of the same key leading to 'non-retrieval of your computer data by the agent' situations.

From time-to-time this Service Level Agreement may change. A modification may include, but is not limited to, changes in system requirements, restrictions, limitations, or bandwidth requirements. You will be notified via email and/or through a Web site posting, whose location will be specified in the email notification. You are responsible for ensuring that your system conforms to any updated restrictions, limitations or requirements.

In the event that your use of the service is adversely affecting the operation of the service, your service may be terminated by without liability to, its suppliers or other end users. In order to prevent your use of the service from adversely affecting the effectiveness of the service for other end users, or to preserve system integrity or prevent network abuse in which case notice shall be provided to you via email promptly following such emergency termination. You are responsible for updating as to any changes to your email and contact information to facilitate communication of these notices via a change to your 'Profile' information via the web interface. provides assurance that at least via one of its access methods, which may include agent and the Web Interface of its online backup service is accessible at least 99.9% of the time at its data center. This does not provide assurance on the actual backup and restore execution since it is dependent on various factors that include network connectivity at user end and the route from the user's computer to servers on which has little or no control. In the event the service is not available at the data center for times that exceed the limits mentioned above when computed on a yearly basis from a point in time, the liability would be limited to the user's prorated charges for the outage time.