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Remote data backup is a vital part of business continuity planning.

A successful online backup solution should store your company's critical files offsite, away from your main office or business centre. BackupURData's data centre is located in one of the safest cities in the world -- Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The lack of cataclysmic events such as tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes and floods makes our location ideal for data backup and restoration purposes. And our world class facility will ensure the safe keeping of your data for when you need it.

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BackupURData of Calgary, Alberta provides secure, online, remote data backup solutions for individuals, businesses, and home offices. Our automatic remote data backups can be performed 24 hours per day, 365 days a year. Each data backup is compressed and encrypted on your computer and then stored offsite on our secure remote backup servers in our own world-class data centre.

Your data and computer files are vital and necessary part of your life and business. SIgnificant data loss could literally mean disaster for you and your business. BackupURData of Calgary provides secure and immediate critical data recovery, thus providing the same data management benefits available to the largest corporations.

Designed specifically to support desktop and laptop computers, BackupURData's online data backup solution can automatically back up your computer system every day via an Internet connection using our easy to install and configure remote backup software program.

No extra hardware, no tapes, and no hassles are involved. Human error is virtually eliminated and its impact is negligible.

Even if you or your employees back up your data to disk or tape, it is a task that may be forgotten or neglected. As well, your data remains onsite. This makes your critical data vulnerable to fire, floor, vandalism and theft. Keep your data safe: back up with BackupURData's online data backup solution.

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